Key Differentiators

We characterize our approach as "Rising Above Conventional Wisdom". This is based on our belief that the prevailing investment "wisdom" involves outdated theories and paradigms. The graphic below shows the primary differentiators between the conventional approach the Cirrus Capital approach.

Dynamic discretionary management strategy emphasizing long-term results through
short-term flexibility.
Pragmatic approach that includes core insights from multiple schools of thought.
Risk management defined by avoiding
large capital losses.
Performance defined by achieving long-term positive returns and preserving capital.
During periods of market uncertainty, often choose to hold more cash on the sidelines.
"Set it and forget it"
passive, long-term strategy.
Idealistic approach that relies on market theories and hypotheses.
Risk management defined by minimizing
volatility through asset allocation.
Performance defined by an obsession with beating a benchmark.
During periods of market uncertainty, often stay fully invested in the market.